Fact One – The Emergent Layer is the highest part of the Rainforest

The emergent layer is the part of the rainforest that towers over the rest of the canopy, reaching up to 60 m above where most of the other plant life resides. This is because these trees are specially adapted to areas that have access to water in many forms.

Fact Two – The Emergent Layer is affected by wind

The emergent layer tends to be more affected by wind than organisms lower down in the rainforest, which is why the trees are usually broader in their lower sections. They are also more colorful, having green leaves with reds and purples on them.

Fact Three – The emergent layer supports many species

The emergent layer of the rainforest also supports many different species, including birds, mammals and amphibians, which live off the fruit that grows on these trees. Because this fruit doesn’t fall too easily to the ground when ripe, animals that eat it end up making frequent journeys between reachable perches on branches or treetops at ground level and higher heights above every few minutes. This helps keep them healthy because of all the exercise they get.

Fact Four – The Emergent Layer Sleeps During The Day!

Another interesting fact that may surprise people is that although you’d think these majestic structures would sleep at night like most other organisms, they in fact follow a diurnal pattern. They sleep during the day and they awaken at night when the stars come out.

Fact Five – The Emergent Layer is A Source of Food for Many Organisms

The emergent layer of the rainforest is a great source of nutrition and energy, providing food for many organisms that live in this environment. Some eat the leaves directly from the tree, while others will climb up to the highest branches and eat whatever fruit is left ripe for them.

Fact Six – The Emergent Layer attracts Predators!

Another fact about the emergent layer is how it can attract predators, which means that some species living in this part of the forest have developed ingenious ways of staying safe by growing lots of spiky leaves and fruits that are difficult for predators to get at.

Fact Seven – The Emergent Layer Can also Attract Pollinators

The emergent layer is also a great place for pollinating insects because of all the nectar and fruit it contains, so the trees in this area will often have hundreds of flowers on them which attract bees, wasps and butterflies in large numbers.

Fact Eight – The Emergent Layer is Sacred for Native Tribes

Another fascinating fact about the emergent layer is that it has been considered sacred by many native tribes living in or near to this part of the rainforest because they believe that the spirits of their ancestors live here. In fact, some legends say that their ancestors came from this part of the sky and may return there one day.

Fact Nine – The Emergent Layer is a Protective Barrier

The emergent layer of the rainforest also has some protective abilities, protecting those plants and animals that live underneath it from fierce storms and heavy rains. This can come in quite handy when big deluges of water gather on the forest floor because they will be blocked from reaching these lower levels by these emergent trees.

Fact Ten – The Emergent Layer is a Natural Healer

The emergent layer of the rainforest can also be quite useful as a natural healer, too, because many plants and animals such as the poison dart frog contain powerful poisons that people have used to make medicine for thousands of years. These toxins can kill people if they are not used correctly, but in the right hands, they can be turned into medicines that help people who are sick to get better again.

What Animals Do You Find In The Emergent Layer?

Some animals you might find in the emergent layer are blue morpho butterflies, sloths, parrots, poison dart frogs and caiman.

Let’s watch a really cool video about the Emergent Layer: