Interesting Facts about the Climate in the Tropical Rainforests of the World

The climate of the tropical rainforest is – you’ve guessed it – hot and wet. Now, some seasons are wetter than others, and in different rainforests of the world, it can actually be quite cool, for example in Alaska. So let’s have a look at some of the most frequently asked questions we get about the rainforest!

What is the temperature like in the rainforest?

The climate in the tropical rainforest is warm and wet year-round. There are two seasons that you can generally expect at either end of the spectrum. The first is a dry season, also known as the “little dry”, where there will be anywhere between 20-80 inches of rainfall per month!

With almost 11 feet of rainfall each year on average, it is easy to see how lush vegetation grows so quickly. This climate favors many different species to make their home inside this climate zone because they do not have to deal with extreme winter or summer temperatures like they would outside of this region.

How hot does it get?

During the wet season (also called ‘the big wet’), temperatures usually hover around 84 degrees Fahrenheit; however, there are some fluctuations that can cause temperatures to be much higher. For example, during the month of December in 2008, Guatemala’s climate recorded an increase of 6 degrees Fahrenheit! It is not uncommon for rainforest climate to reach highs of 98 degrees Fahrenheit though because humidity levels will act as a heat regulator.

How often does it rain in the tropical rainforest?

On average, the climate will only have 2-3 days out of the month that are completely rain-free. That means that there are two months or more that you can expect to find rainfall during! Of course, no climate is completely predictable but it is safe to say that rainfall is frequent.

A climate like this allows for a lot of vegetation growth because everything has an opportunity to take root and grow with all the rain showers coming down daily. It also highlights how important clean water resources are in any climate region.

What types of weather occur at night?

As far as rainfall goes, typically between 60-100 inches per year falls. This should give you an idea about what kind of climate you can expect at night time.

Does it rain all year round in the rainforest?

Yes, climate is generally warm and wet year-round inside the tropical rainforest climate.

What are some of the climate problems?

Rainforests worldwide are being destroyed every day due to deforestation. These trees store carbon dioxide that can otherwise be released into the atmosphere. Deforestation also impacts climate change by reducing photosynthesis which requires light from the sun. Without the forest, there would be no canopy to regulate temperature either! Please help raise awareness about climate change so we can work to stop it before it’s too late!

What climate issues are caused by deforestation?

Deforestation results in climate change because the climate needs the forest to store carbon dioxide so it doesn’t pollute the air. Without trees, climate can no longer regulate temperature either which contributes to climate change. Please help raise awareness about climate change so we can work together to solve this issue before its too late!

What time of day does it rain?

Typically, rainfall occurs at any time but there are peak times when it is most likely to rain. Depending on the climate, research indicates that it might rain mostly at 7 am or 3 pm. This information can be useful if you plan on spending quite some time there because knowing what to expect would make packing easier!

Are there any cities in the Amazon Rainforest?

Yes! Here are some of the biggest cities found in the Amazon Rainforest:

  • Manaus, Brazil
  • Iquitos, Peru
  • Belém, Brazil
  • Leticia, Colombia
  • Boa Vista, Brazil

What are some of the seasonal weather patterns?

There are two seasons in the rainforest climate: wet and dry. The wet season falls between December and June while the dry season falls between July and November. This does not mean that it doesn’t rain during these months

What is the climate like in the African Rainforests?

Generally, the climate is hot and humid . The temperature ranges between 72.4°F to 95°F with humidity levels between 70% – 100%.

What is the climate like in the Asian Rainforests?

The climate in Asia is warm and wet . The temperature ranges between 73°F to 90°F while humidity levels vary from 60% – 100%.

What is the climate like in the Alaskan Rainforest?

The climate in the Alaskan rainforest is cold and wet . The temperature ranges between 32°F to 60°F while humidity levels vary from 40% – 100%.

What is the climate like in the Chinese Rainforest?

The climate in the Chinese rainforest is hot and wet . The temperature ranges between 75°F to 88°F while humidity levels vary from 70% – 100%.

Here’s a great video that might help you understand more about the climate of the rainforest, from Chester Zoo!